CCTV Security Cameras for Shop

Cost effective and easy to setup

Diycam Security Surveillance makes it easy for retailers to monitor their stores, anytime & anywhere. Simply login to Diycam app from your mobile to see what's happening in your store.

Reduce shoplifting

Stores which sell small items are prone to shoplifting. Diycam wireless security cameras is

ideal solution for retail stores, hobby and candy stores,

cosmetic shops and pharmacies.

Shop and Business Security 24 X 7

We call Diycam as next generation CCTV security camera with 10pcs IR LEDs with 10m IR range that gives crystal

clear vision even in dark. Install Diycam at low light area

and monitor actives conveniently.

security camera system

Know what is your customer doing

Shoplifters account for the number one reason small shops and stores fail. It is estimated that ten percent

of customers steal from stores. Diycam has been proven to reduce and often prevent shoplifting.

Quick and Easy Setup

No DVR or cabling required, just plug in Diycam camera configure with your wifi and launch the diycam app on your phone. You'll be watching live streaming video.

Stay connected to

your business

Check what's going on in your office even when you are travelling. Employees who know the store is using diycam security cameras will be less tempted to steal or engage in unauthorized activities.