AI and Video Analytics through Smart Cameras : Artificial Intelligence that Extracts Value from Video Data

Diycam AI-based intelligent video analytics takes surveillance to next level. With the widest and most-deployed range of video analytics available today for CCTVs and smart cameras, Diycam customised AI based video analytic system is powering the IoT revolution in

  • City Surveillance
  • Smart City Projects
  • School Surveillance
  • Smart Homes/Buildings
  • Smart Retail
  • Smart School
  • Traffic Violation

Powered by team of experts and professionals who have advanced knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Video analytics software technologies and deep machine learning Diycam team is not only capable of creating customised AI based software solution but hardware as well which helps in real-time detection and alerting. The result is a system that cost-effectively meets the high-priority monitoring needs of complex and/or remote industrial environments.

The application of this technology platform to select industrial processes aids in the prevention or mitigation of infrastructure failure. As a result users benefit from the avoidance of adverse environmental impact operational interruption, compromised asset and workforce safety, remediation costs, reputation damage .

Diycam System Provides

  • 24/7 monitoring in wide range lighting and weather conditions
  • Automated
  • real-time event detection and qualification
  • Alerting in seconds with event photo and video
  • Detection sensitivity options at low false positive rates
  • Event qualification based on user set conditions
  • Customisable alert options