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Transforming Startups and Enterprises with Computer vision AI, Diycam Face Recognition system makes it easy to add image and video analysis to its customers applications using DIYCAM API services. You just provide an image or video to the our API, DIYCAM face recognition API provides highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition on images and video that you provide. User can detect, analyze, and compare faces for a wide variety of user verification, attendance management, people counting, smart city project and public safety use cases


Weapon Detection

Diycam weapon detection system use Object classification AI technology. Our system can detect Guns including 3-D printed guns. Once weapon detected Security staffs will be notified in no time through SMS, Email and App Notification. Security can immediately activate lockdown after confirmation of the notification. User can user Diycam weapon detection API as well as they can integrate our system to existing VMS or use Diycam In-house VMS. Our system can process multiple video streams, detect the guns, weapon and send notifications in real time. It is much more faster and accurate. than monitoring done by humans who watch multiple video camera screens. Diycam Weapon detection system can be used in Banks, ATM's, Hospitals, School , Airports, Railways & Metro Stations and with Smart City Project


Diycam Vehicle Classifier and  License Plate Recognition system is a Deep Learning-based powerful license plate detection, recognition, and search solution for Vehicle type detection and ANPR/ALPR. It is higher accurate and works with various camera types and archived video. Diycam Vehicle Classifier can distinguish between car, bike, heavy vehicle and 3 wheeler ( Indian Auto)  . This solution is available in the for of API and Diycam VMS, this can be used in parking lots, Malls and smart city solution.




ATM & Bank


Diycam "Safety" Module for Banking and customer for whom security and safety matters the most. "Safety Modules"  let's user to get alerts for person with mask and helmet , people with guns and hammers . Also users can set up alert for loitering.  Set alert on reaching Maximum no. of people permitted inside the room (ATM) . Also this module give alert when someone opens ATM machine . All alerts are real time via sms, email and application notification. Diycam Safety Module can be integrated with existing command centre.

Safety &


Diycam " Safety & Hygiene" AI based module gives user power to keep check on the necessary  compliance involved in Food , Manufacturing and Construction industries .

We can helpIt help client automate the monitoring of compliance checks and SOP like Hair Cap & Mobile detection , Safety helmet detection , Hand Gloves detection. 

Our module is available via API as well as through DIYCAM proprietary VMS. 


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