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Customised Hardware : Our Engineering has experience in designing customised hardware for specialised projects for our clients.  Which can help client to take computing to the edge instead of cloud in scenarios where project has specific requirements and don't want to have dependency on cloud computing. We can also help clients from prototyping the product to taking product to production stage for mass and industrial production . Our services and solution includes designing , planning and development of custom hardware and software for specialised project.

Connected Device AI and IOT : Diycam is the first Indian company to offer high-performance video analysis  toolkit to take edge & IoT data and business intelligence into the age of machine learning. We use a combination of machine learning , deep learning and hardware acceleration through customising MobileNet SSD, ResNet and more to provide various highly accurate analytics . We can fully implement Intel and Nvidia Edge computing and CPU multi threading, VPU acceleration to enable edge devices to analyze more video feeds simultaneously in real time. Edge and IoT are today helping many industries to become more efficient and safer by improving accuracy and reducing human error through automation. The banking, education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, security, and public service industries and smart city projects are working on these devices to improve our day-to-day lives. Edge devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a network of physical devices which can be connected and complement each other to give various kinds of data and alerts in realtime which is not possible manually by humans. Such events are then sent to Diycam edge devices for processing and then can be forwarded for analysis in public, private, or hybrid clouds as per client requirement . Here, unstructured video and image data is processed and transformed into structured data via deep learning. Events can be stored in software defined storage and correlated and categorised for use in biometric authentication, account management, device management, business intelligence, and more.


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